Roger is on Fire, er, Slayers - 10/22/2006 9:21:14 PM

Slayers (3-0-2 52GF 16GA)

You know, it's always nice to see when one's efforts to educate bare fruit .... or at least it would be if it actually *happened* here. Apparently absolutely NOBODY in the ADCFHL paid any attention whatsoever when I pointed out that Slayer Captain Gian Scalet was being consistently handed the best team on paper in the league each draft night. Once again three of the top five scorers in the league are Slayers.

Oh it gets better though, in Frank Dufour Scalet has a goalie that most in the league haven't quite got figured out yet and just for good measure Scalet's decided to implement a patient defensive game and that sees the team use the entire floor and open up space for Roger Keating and Rob Tyrrell to do their thing. Considering those two are first and third in scoring respectively, that isn't good.

Last season the Slayers didn't win the title for one very simple reason: The Fire never got the memo. This year? Anybody's guess but maybe if the Slayers win the title, the rest of the league will finally start listening to me.


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