Cameron takes over beleaguered Hackers sqad - 10/22/2006 9:19:07 PM

LAN Hackers (0-4-1 27GF 53GA)

You know that saying "What a difference a year makes?" No? Thats okay, Hackers fans don't either. Two coaching changes in two years and it's the same old story for what was once the most dominant team in league history. With Doug Forrest, Chad Griffin and Jason Royal, it's not like this team is lacking in scoring. Matt Monk was the league's best with the man advantage, last I checked, and Mark Flinn and Roger Park are good for ten to fifteen goals each. It's not like the Hackers can't get goals.

Goalie Jean-Marc Ferland showed in pre-season action that he had skill between the pipes. Darren Derocher and Matt Monk anchor a defence that's .... well, who're we kidding here? The defence is pretty much non-existant, let's not lie. Forwards have been able to get so far in behind the Hackers defence that during week five several Lite-Sabre forwards were seen parking moving vans in front of Ferland. I feel so bad for the Frenchman, I really do. As for that sound you hear, that's the revolving door being installed in the Hackers' front office.


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