Welcome The Hackers? - 3/19/2006 6:26:26 PM

Sunnydale Slayers (4-1-1 55GF 35GA)

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome YOUR 2005A LAN HACKERS!! Okay, they're not actually the Hackers, but all things considered, they might as well be. Terry Davison, Jeff Shute, Adam Pettigrew, Scott Mulcahey...Hackers fans everywhere have taken up a collection to try and get these guys back. But having watched these guys in action, I've just got one question: Didn't the League Captains learn ANYTHING from last season?! What we have here is essentially the same team that won last season's championship. Once the finals are over, league officials may be using a word that hasn't been heard in a fair while: Repeat


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