Where Have The Hackers Gone? - 3/19/2006 6:24:43 PM

LAN Hackers (1-5-0 38GF 63GA)

What the hell happened? Perhaps this is some sort of ball hockey karma as the team now pays for it's incredible fortune of years gone by. Maybe there's some rule that when a team like the Chill rises to dominance, somebody else has to fall to make room. Maybe...okay I got nothing. Despite having two of the league's all time greatest scorers in Kevin Haddad and Shawn Currie, the Hackers have only managed a single win. That being said, it can't be forgotten that that win was against a top team in the Lynx. Nevertheless, as Hackers fans debate what's gone wrong, team Captain Mike "I feel Eddie Olczyk's pain" Murphy has gotta be desperately trying to find John Price's number and raise some travel funds.


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