Can You Shut These Guys Down? - 3/19/2006 6:21:03 PM

Keane Chill (4-1-1 71GF 42GA)

Anybody remember back when the Chill came out of nowhere to go 9-1 and win the league title to the surprise of absolutely nobody? Apparently Captain Peter Rankin did. During the Chill's dream season of 2005A, they had three of the top five scorers. One year later and guess what? With the success of rookie Peter Eddy, wouldn't you know it? The Chill have three of the top five scorers. Peter Rankin may not statistically be the best goalie in the league, but with an offence like that in front of you, do you really need to be? Let's be honest though, when the Chill need Pete to come through, he's got a habit of doing so. Here's a word of advice for the rest of the league: shut down Rob and Tony or you're screwed.


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