Are You Gellin' Like a Felon? - 3/19/2006 6:19:07 PM

ADC Lynx (4-2-0 42GF 35GA)

The Lynx aren't loaded with offensive stars like the Chill or the Slayers. What they DO have is one of, if not THE best, goalie in the league in Martin Kane. Now certainly I'm not knocking the rest of the team, but when your goalie can turn aside fifty to fifty five shots per game AND double as your defense coach...well you gotta admit that's talent. The Lynx do, however, have one advantage over everyone else. This is probably the best pure *team* in the league. They've gelled to a degree that I don't think's been seen since Terry Davison ran the Hackers. You're not going to see the Lynx involved in any blowouts, but if you can get past the hard working forwards and tenacious defence, you've got yourself a well-earned victory. This is a such a lunchpail team that Lynx management is rumoured to have looked at the lunch box market for merchandising ideas. It certainly doesn't hurt that the Lynx have been the only ones to beat both the Slayers AND the Chill. The fact that by the time anyone even knows that Dale Wright has even taken a shot, the ball's in the net doesn't hurt either.


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