Who Picked this Team - 10/4/2004 2:18:56 PM

Yet again the Captain and GM of the Fire, Harvey Snelgrove, has mystified the annalists. Just when we all thought Mr. Snelgrove was going to put together another team which reflects his hockey philosophy, of Run & Gun, Harv has put together a team that, on paper at least, looks to be some what defensive in nature. By acquiring one of the leagues preeminent defensive defensemen, in Jake Haddad, during the draft and moving last season sharp shooter Brian Elson back to the blue line Harv appears to be trying to solidify the team’s defense core. While returning star forwards Kenzie “Fox” Royal and Pierre Martin will get a new winger, as Rob Tyrell make his come back to the ADCFHL. When ask how he felt to be back and playing for the Fire Mr. Tyrell said “I’m glad to be back and I just hope I can help the team.” What a trooper, let’s hope he can help the Fire get their first win since December 1, 2003. Yes that’s right sports fans the Fire are winless in their last 10 regular season games going into the 2004B season.

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