Slayers Acquire Robson to Fill Net - 4/1/2004 9:19:55 AM

After a long night of intense negotiating, the Slayers acquired Fire enforcer Joe Robson Thursday in exchange for rookie forward Pierre Martin. Robson will fill the Slayers’ goaltending vacancy. The move was necessitated by incumbent netminder Graham Dodge’s sudden decision to leave the team for a spot in the Halifax Call Centre League.

Upon hearing this news late Wednesday, Slayer captain Gian Scalet got down to the business of finding a replacement. He began by contacting Lite-Sabre GM Chris McMaster to inquire about goalie-turned-defenseman Tony McCarthy. But McMaster immediately hung a “Not For Sale” sign around McCarthy’s neck. When pressed, McMaster admitted the real reason for this was that when it was first suggested McCarthy may be moved, his fellow defender and Cleve’s employee Jason Fitzgerald “started crying like a baby.”

Next, Scalet turned his attention to the Chill, and asked about the availability of the man he drafted but traded away, Jeff McCarthy. Chill CEO Mike Griffiths countered by asking for Tony Joyce in return, and that killed the deal. “What kind of idiot would trade Tony Joyce?” Scalet asked. Commissioner David Watson, seemingly oversensitive to this remark, reprimanded Scalet for this comment.

Just when all seemed lost, Scalet received a late-night call from Fire Captain Harvey Snelgrove, and several offers and counter-offers later, the deal was done. Scalet hailed the move as a good one for his team, pointing out that Robson is unbeaten in his FHL goalie career. He earned a tie in his lone start in goal for the Lynx in 2003B.


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