MacKenzie Eyes Comeback from Knee Injury in 2005B - 3/10/2004 7:52:30 PM

It has only been five months since Lite-Sabre Dave “Big Mac” MacKenzie experienced a career-threatening knee injury while training for the ADC FHL, but already people around the league are asking about a possible return.

When Sabres captain Chris McMaster was asked about the status of his longtime star, he was pessimistic about a return in the near future. “The pain finally subsided enough to allow the doctors to give him a scope”, explained McMaster, “and their official diagnosis confirmed what Dave has said all along: his knee is #@$&!!”

McMaster went on to explain that MacKenzie’s right ACL was completely decimated during his rugby accident. MacKenzie had previously explained that the injury occurred during a rugby game in Truro. MacKenzie’s right toe got caught awkwardly in the turf while trying to pivot with the ball. Then witnesses heard several loud popping sounds as he twisted around while being tackled.

Surgery for Big Mac isn’t expected until the beginning of winter, said McMaster. The league’s resident doctor, and Sunnydale Slayer defenseman, Dennis Drapeau, said that with a bit of luck, MacKenzie could be back in the league as early as 2005B.

To ensure this sort of injury doesn’t happen again to his team members, McMaster has forced his entire squad to sign a waiver that “prohibits engaging in unauthorized physical activities”, until the end of the season. Sources indicate that Sabre forward David Watson had much difficulty in getting McMaster to agree to him participating in an upcoming cribbage tournament. But after much pressure from Watson’s lawyers, and a couple of additional provisos, Watson’s wish was finally granted.


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