Fire Veterans Taking a Break - 2/27/2004 8:48:53 PM

It seems every new season in all sports brings with it some novel strategy, but the Fire have unveiled a rather unusual plan for improving their fortunes in 2004A. Captain Harvey Snelgrove has announced that he and star forward Kenzie Royal will leave early in the season for a 6-to-8 week “conditioning” stint in Boston.

Asked to explain this idea, Snelgrove pointed to last season’s strong stretch drive which was followed by a disappointing quarter-final loss to the Slayers. “We peaked too soon”, Snelgrove said, “and after analyzing the problem I have concluded that the 10-game season is simply too long for Kenzie and me, the two oldest veterans on the club”. When Royal was asked if this long layoff from playing may cause the opposite effect, the league’s 4th all-time leading scorer said he is not worried about rust. “Harvey and I will be keeping in shape”, Royal replied, while denying rumours that he and his Captain will be attempting to break the record for most bars visited in one trip.

Snelgrove is convinced that when he and Royal return just before the playoffs, they will be in peak condition, and that their younger teammates will be inspired by this. “Besides”, Snelgrove admits, “I just realized every team in this League makes the playoffs anyway, so what’s the difference? Might as well have some fun...hey wait a second, that was off the record...”


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