Draft Night A Dream Come True For Park - 2/27/2004 10:48:11 AM

A League record 12 rookies were chosen on Draft Night 2004A, but none was more happy to be selected than Hackers 5th round choice Roger Park.

To understand the reasons for this, you have to go back a few years. Park worked for Keane but left just prior to the League’s inaugural season. At that time, the FHL was restricted to Keane employees only. By the time the League finally relaxed these rules and opened its doors to ex-Keaners and guests, Park was a distant memory. He toiled in ice hockey hoping that FHL scouts would discover him, but was passed over for each Draft.

But his wait finally came to an end last Friday. Though he was hopeful, Park did not attend the event, heeding “Hockey Night in Canada” commentator Don Cherry’s advice to not go unless a player is certain to be picked in the 1st or 2nd round, lest they and their families be disappointed. But as soon as he heard the announcement, he was immediately on the phone to his family in Ontario to give them the news.

Park is expected to be part of a rebuilding season for the 6-time League champion Hackers, who lost a number of players from last season’s first-place team, including high-scoring forward Jamie Houghton. After scoring his first FHL goal on defense in Week 1’s 13-8 loss to the Slayers, reports suggest Captain Terry Davison will move Park to the forward line. “I’m just happy to play”, Park says. “I’ve waited a long time for this chance. This is a dream come true!”


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