Slayers and Their Fans Look Forward to Playoffs - 11/26/2003 12:12:35 PM

Keen observers of this website will note the announcement of the date of the Slayers first playoff game. The reason for this? “In the past few days, the League office began to be flooded with calls from Slayer fans, demanding to know when the team’s first playoff game would be played, and when tickets would be on sale”, explained FHL Director of communications Chris McMaster. Fortunately for the League, after the Slayers loss in Week 9, the team is assured of finishing in 4th or 5th place, and thus playing in a semi-final game on Dec. 11. “As soon as the notice went up, a bunch of guys in maroon shirts started camping outside the ticket window, sleeping bags and all”, an amazed McMaster added.

What accounts for this fanaticism? “We’ve always had great fans”, stated first-year Captain Gian Scalet, “but it’s pretty obvious that with Tony Joyce joining us this year, the interest has increased considerably. The guy can’t leave the building after a game without signing autographs for 20 minutes”. The modest Joyce declined to comment on this adulation, but as playoff time nears, Scalet confirmed that the Slayers will be traveling with extra security to protect its star forward from overzealous supporters.


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