Goalie by Committee for Chill - 10/21/2003 11:03:26 PM

As in past seasons, most FHL teams will rely on one goaltender to get them through the season. In fact, since the League expanded to 6 teams and a 10-game schedule, only one team in League history has ever had 2 goalies split the netminding duties evenly. That was the 2001A Fire, which started Steve Barriault and Harvey Snelgrove 5 times each. But the Chill may be looking to match that mark, as so far Mike Griffiths and Peter Rankin have each played one game.

First year Captain David Watson says he plans to give each plenty of work, and for the first time has revealed how he will decide which goalie will play. “I don’t like to play Griffiths on a Monday, because his concentration seems to waver between the game and the following night’s pool match”. When asked about this, Griffiths denied devoting any less concentration to the game at hand, though in his answer he did refer both to trying to stop “bank shots” and balls headed for the “corner pocket” of the net.

As for Rankin, who last year counted more points (20) than in the 3 previous seasons combined (15), Watson says he hopes playing in goal will help to “rein in” the league’s most improved defenseman. “When Pete plays a good game on defense, he sometimes starts to think he’s Bobby Orr out there, recklessly rushing all over the place. After playing a game in net he will be reminded that his primary job on D is his own end”.

With Griffiths two nights removed from his last running of the table, and Rankin having missed last week’s game due to illness, Watson confirmed Griffiths will get the start this Thursday night against the Slayers.


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