Slayer Management a Family Affair - 4/29/2003 4:32:01 PM

Coming off a 15-9 win over the Chill, the Slayers have clinched 5th place in the FHL. More importantly, they appear to be developing some momentum heading toward the playoffs. Captain Ian Scott insists that was his strategy all along. “Every team in the League ahead of us in the standings has beaten us, except for the Lite-Sabres”, Scott says. He then drops a hint that he may rest some key players in next Monday’s season finale versus the 2-time defending champions, with the game meaning nothing to the Slayers. “What better way to get them feeling overconfident against us for when the real season starts?”. Having revealed this brilliant strategy, Slayer sources say Scott sees this as his only chance to win a Coach of the Year Award.

There’s no question the Slayers have played much better after their 0-3 start to the season, and many League observers have given credit to Captain Scott. However, a source close to the team has revealed where the real recognition should go. “All of Ian’s good ideas come from his sister”, the source said, referring to Slayer forward Amy Scott, “He would never admit that publicly, but the team started playing better when she started giving the advice”. Pressed for examples, the source noted that Amy did not attend this year’s draft meeting, so that she would be able to tell Ian whom to pick via a hidden radio earpiece. The source claims it was also Amy Scott’s idea to sit out defenseman Glenn MacCulloch for both of the team’s victories over the Chill. “She didn’t want the team to go winless, and knew the best way to avoid that would be to bench Glenn. Besides, she doesn’t like him very much anyway”.

What does the Captain’s sister have in mind for the post-season? She is apparently behind the deal to buyout forward Dan Culligan’s contract, which will see him leave the team prior to the playoffs. “Amy knew Dan was planning to leave anyway, so she told Ian to cut him now to keep team morale high”, the source reported. Culligan will be joining a Floor Hockey “B” League team in London, Ontario.


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