Drapeau's Departure Leaves Lynx Shorthanded - 4/13/2003 2:29:59 PM

Lynx captain Richard Wannamaker will be experiencing some personnel problems for the remainder of the 2003A season. Already short a roster spot due to a four-player league shortage this season, the Lynx will now have to make do without the services of standout defenseman Dennis Drapeau for the duration of the season.

Wannamaker, strapped for cash due to the outlandishly high salaries of prima donnas Craig Mercer and Tony McCarthy, could only afford to sign Drapeau to a four-game contract. Drapeau has since signed on as the team doctor in a rival St. John league.

Thus far, Wannamaker has recruited players from other teams to help fill roster spots, but will likely be unallowed similar temporary trades come playoff time.


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