Can the 2003A Lite-Sabres Three-Peat? - 4/12/2003 9:43:58 PM

The league’s dominant team over the past four seasons has had more than their fair share of close games seven games into the 2003 season. The Lite-Sabres have so far epitomized this season’s parity, with the margin of victory in each of their first seven games never exceeding two goals.

So far, the gritty Sabres have emerged the victor of four of those tight games, which has positioned them in second place overall with only three games remaining. Despite being the two-time defending champions of the ADC FHL cup, the Sabres have surpassed many prognosticators’ predictions. Ex-Sabre, and current commentator for the ADC FHL online broadcasts, Steve Chiasson, had picked the Sabres to finish dead last in his preseason rankings. “They didn’t have enough players returning from last season’s championship squad,“ said Chiasson, “they shouldn’t be where they are.”

The biggest hole this season has been the absence of long-time Sabre Chad Griffin, who was lost to the Keane Fire as a result of a tough managerial decision by captain Chris McMaster at the beginning of the season. “I knew I would likely lose Griffin and (Dave) MacKenzie after this season due to free agency,” explained McMaster, “so with Spiro (Bokolas) available to be protected, I had to keep him and hope that Griffin would be available in the draft.” It turned out that Griffin was quickly snapped up by Fire captain Harvey Snelgrove in the draft, and McMaster never got his shot to acquire Griffin through the regular draft process.

Despite being the lowest scoring team in the league, the Sabres have managed to beat every team in the league except for the last place Slayers, with whom they tied. This fact, along with their recent playoff experience, has to make the Sabres a dangerous team come playoff time.


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