Hackers Regroup for 2002B - 9/21/2002 9:43:26 PM

Even though John Dulong's Hackers have won five of the seven championships in the league's history, the 2002B draft was incredibly the first time that he did not pick last overall. Picking fifth out of six teams must have made the draft seem like a walk in the park for the crafty Dulong. Dulong relied on the highest paid scouting staff in the league, researching players from leagues across the city. Those scouting reports may have paid off, as Dulong snagged highly regarded rookies Donnie Bailey and Eddie Dwyer in hopes of replacing one of the greatest defenseman the FHL has ever seen, Matt Monk, who retired after three seasons and one championship. Dulong was also able to retain several 2002A Hackers: Scott Ferguson, Chris Rafuse, Terry Davison, Virag Pandya and of course John Price. Other players signed by Dulong include potential back-up goalie Jason Chan, tough defenseman Darren Derocher and Jamie Houghton from the Lite-Sabres 2002A championship team.

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