Mystery Surrounds 2002B Keane Chill Lineup - 9/21/2002 9:37:05 PM

The biggest change in the Keane Chill's organization came before the first selection was made in the 2002B draft. Earlier in the day, Chill captain and league commissioner Michael Griffiths announced that he would be stepping down as the captain of the Chill and handing the reigns over to forward Greg Foran. As part of the agreement with the league, Foran would be able to protect his goaltender friend Jeff McCarthy, who has never played a game in the league. When the draft was all said and done, Griffiths was still a member of the Chill, along with Tony Joyce and Mark Smith. Foran was the riskiest drafter, acquiring five rookies in total. Foran will likely be looking for leadership from veterans Rob Sasco and Jason Royal, who will both be joining the Chill for the first time.

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