Return of the Mac - 10/4/2001 5:47:50 PM

When Lite-Sabre captain Chris McMaster announced to a shocked group of captains at this year's draft that Dave MacKenzie had resigned with the Lite-Sabres, it was clear that the organization had firmly declared their intention of repeating as league champions. However, details of MacKenzie's return have caused some to question his dedication.

Rumours swirled that MacKenzie would miss most of the preseason since his new job as a pylon for the Boston Bruins was more important. But McMaster has announced that MacKenzie has been flown in from Boston especially for their week 2 game against the Chill, in hopes of revitalizing a team who looked lethargic in week 1.

"Super Dave", as he is affectionately known by in the media, led all scorers with a 5 points per game average during last year's playoffs. His hat-trick in the Sabres' 8-5 victory over the LAN Hackers in last year's final was instrumental in finally wresting the championship away from the once-mighty Hackers.

Sources within the Lite-Sabre organization are speculating that tonight's appearance against the Chill might be his last for a while. His contract with the Bruins doesn't end until the end of October, with an extension clause that could see him remain with the team well into November.


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