On The Dark Side of Sunnydale - 4/10/2001 1:25:38 PM

It was a dark night in the history of the Sunnydale Slayers. In a game reminiscent of the 2000B season, the Slayers lost a second time to the much maligned ADC Lynx.

Top forwards Kenzie Royal and Rob Sasco missed the game due, to what one insider stated, mysterious circumstances. When asked to comment, Slayer captain Paul Chui anxiously quoted that there was no rift within the team because of the players absences. "If I had the opportunity to rehab at one of the best clinics in Massachusetts, I'd miss the game too. You're not writing this down, right?"

The night was not without some highlights, ADCFhl rookies Glen MacCullough got his first goal of the season and Ryan Burgess coughed up the ball a season-low 97 times.

The Slayers face their next hurdle in the schedule in Thursday's game against fellow Original-4 team, the LAN Hackers. The lineup looks to be depleted due to many reasons, lowlighted by Jason Royal being on leave for substance abuse training in the Caribbean

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