The Name Game - 3/1/2001 12:45:43 PM

Even before the ball is dropped in the Keane Chill's first regular season game of the 2001A season, there are rumblings of discontent in the franchise. The Associated Press reported Wednesday that Chill captain Michael Griffiths is trying to quell team recommendations to rename the team name from the Chill to "something with an 's' on the end of it".

The AdcFhl Website has learned that the Chill are seriously considering changing their name to the "Raw Parts". Chill prospect Jehad Chedrawy, now known as "the man who brought Raw Parts to the table", is supposedly developing a logo to match the name.

Griffiths, the team founder and the brains behind the team name and logo, was not very forthcoming when asked to comment on the situation.

"I've talked to my teammates about a number of issues. We're investing the mitigation of the risks involved and trying to document any assumptions we may (or will be) implicity and explicity undertaking. An action plan is being constructed and I'm confident the end deliverable will be a successful one and will also fall under the scope of this matter..."

Griffiths words hit home like an elephant tranquilizer, putting this reporter in a near-comatose state.


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