First Lemieux, Now Chui? - 12/27/2000 4:00:23 PM

Comfortably nestled in domestic life, new father and Sunnydale Slayer founder Paul Chui seemed content to ride out his golden years in near obscurity. It was after a disappointing 2000A campaign that Chui decided to hang up his goalie pads, and focus on raising his new son.

Well, it was a painful 2000B season for Chui, as he watched his former team limp to a 1-9 record and a first-round playoff loss. It was so painful it seems, that Chui is considering coming out of retirement, in hopes of resurrecting the Slayer glory days.

Perhaps the turning point was when Mario Lemiuex, while announcing his own comeback, tearfully admitted that he wanted to play so that his own kids could say that they saw their dad play in the NHL. Chui, whose son has never witnessed an ADCFHL game, wouldn't comment on that possibility.

If Chui does come back, he'll inherit the number one goalie position from a vastly improved Peter Rankin, who put forth a yeoman's effort this season on a defensively weak team. Chui will have to make the tough decision to either keep Rankin as a high-priced backup, or trade Rankin to a goaltenderly-challenged squad in hopes of bolstering his defensive line.

Rankin, when informed about the trade rumors, said he was all for a trade. "John Dulong, can you hear me?? I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to be a LAN Hacker! Hackers rule, dude!" exclaimed Rankin. "I promise I'll never call help desk again with my petty problems. PLEEEZE trade for me!!!!"


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