Floor of Dreams - 10/25/2000 2:49:43 PM

Jared Crafter
- Canadian Press

For most of the ADCFHL, last weeks games have probably been forgotten by now, but for Keane Fire Center Mike Montgomery Wednesday October 18 will be a night he'll never forget. The scrappy defensive center who's previous best single game point total, was a goal and two assists exploded last Wednesday for eleven points on four goals and seven assists in a 25-5 thumping of the Sunnydale Slayers.

"It still hasn't quite hit home," Montgomery said after the game, "I came into this season really wanting to turn heads and make some noise. I thought I'd pretty much done that when I beat John Dulong for 8 goals in the pre-season," it should be noted that at press time, Dulong still refuses to admit that Montgomery beat him 8 times, "and then tonight...I mean, wow."

What made the night particularly special for Montgomery was that he didn't do anything different. "My game plan hasn't changed since the season started, everything just started working."

Montgomery was impressing everyone, even the opposition. "I didn't recognize him without his arms up in the air," one of the Slayers commented.

"I've always been the defensive guy," Montgomery said, "I covered the team's stars, no matter how big, or I'd be the guy standing in front of the opposition's net, creating traffic. I've never been the star player. Always dreamed of being the star player even for one night. Guess dreams really do come true."

Now, no matter what happens, this will be a season for Montgomery to remember. Averaging a point per game over his previous two seasons, Montgomery has improved by leaps and bounds over his previous totals. "It really is amazing. Before the game I was already a point away from my previous career high point total, and suddenly I've got career point totals right across the board."

It's not even all about point totals either. Going into next Wednesday's meeting with the Lite-Sabres, Mike Montgomery has a surprising 17 points in 5 games, placing him in a tie for 19th in league scoring. "To most people, being 19th in the league in scoring isn't much, but to me it really means a lot. I've never so much as cracked the top 20 before."

Another personal first was Montgomery's first career hat trick as well as his 3rd star selection, the first in his career. "I didn't even know they had a picture of me for the webpage!"

If Montgomery's performance is a prelude of things to come, the benefits could be team wide. The trio of Montgomery, Kevin Haddad, and Spiro Bokolas combined for a total of 34 points. The performance also placed the three players close to several records. Haddad and the Hackers' Shawn Currie are battling for most goals and points in a season. Haddad is also within striking distance of most goals in a game while Bokolas and Montgomery are both tied for second place with 7 assists, one shy of most assists in a game. "If we get Kevin most goals or points in a season, he's not the only one to gain recognition from that. The assists have to come from somewhere!"

"If we keep this up, there's going to be a few more Fire names in the record books," Montgomery said, "I've already smashed almost all my personal records, I want to get a league record."

Presently fourth in team scoring, Montgomery likes the tightness in the league and team races. "With us, we're so balanced that between me and Spiro, there's only a 6 point difference and that covers second to fourth. In the league, that 6 points seperates 19th and 13th, and from there to fifth spot it's only another 6 points. Anybody could come out of no where and join the top of the league."

In 5 weeks Montgomery's done almost everything he could do in the ADCFHL, "First hat trick, first 3 star selection, first time in the top 20, what's left? I wouldn't mind a 20 goal season and a trip to the All-Star Game."

When asked if, looking back over the first half of the 2000 B season, Montgomery would do anything differently, he laughed to himself and said "yeah, I'd have asked for the game ball last week!"

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