All Night Wrong - 10/6/2000 12:41:50 PM

Looking tired and dishelveled, Lynx captain Chris Bleichert still had enough energy to make some hefty accusations, after a 17-8 loss to the Lite-Sabres.

"I was up all night long last night, in the office, on a production support call," began Bleichert, "it was those gosh-darn Sabres who made the call - that I am sure of." Bleichert, with bleary eyes and slurred speech, suggested that the Lite-Sabres purposefully called in a bogus production support call the night before the game, in hopes of tiring out the Lynx' goaltender.

Although Bleichert stopped short of naming Sabres' captain Chris McMaster as the perpetrator, the implication was obvious. "There are only a select few people with connections to my project at work who would have the know-how and the wherewithal to concoct such a devious plan," explained Bleichert, "and I think we all know who the only Lite-Sabre on my project is."

Coincidentally, only moments before the Lynx-Sabres game, Sabres star forward Steve Chaisson scratched himself from the line-up, citing an increased work load. McMaster smelled something fishy with that turn of events. "Bleichert is a mastermind when it comes to underhanded tactics. He's a genious when it comes to foul play," complimented McMaster, "And he plays foul too, ever smell his gear after a game?"

Both McMaster and Bleichert have marked November 7th on their calendars -- the date of the highly anticipated rematch between the Sabres and the Lynx.


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