Chill Start Season Cold - 10/2/2000 7:42:52 PM

If the newly formed Keane Chill can take any solace in their 0-2 start, it's that they've lost to the top two teams in the league. Also, it's understandable that an expansion team would take some time to warm up (no pun intended).

With perhaps the two toughest teams out of the way, the Chill may have a chance to win it's first ever game this week, when they play the also winless Sunnydale Slayers.

Team captain Michael Griffiths sees promise in his team's play. "We weren't ready in our first game. We were short a few players and we were playing the (defending champion) LAN Hackers," explained Griffiths. "Now we're ready to go!" yelped Griffiths, drawing raised eyebrows from bystanders.

The Chill's team committment is no more evident than in the sacrifices that forward George Publicover is making. Publicover is cutting back on 2 football pools and three 50-50 rounds per month in order to hone his shooting skills. The fruits of Publicovers dedication is already evident, as he is averaging over a goal per game early in the season.


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