Schumph no Chump! Shawn Curries Favour! - 9/21/2000 11:03:01 AM

Last nights performance by the blazing LAN Hackers proves once and for all that dynasties are made not born. Despite a revamped roster, the Hackers maintained their old form, with veteran John Price proving that even if he isn't the premiere player in the league anymore, he still has enough of the old stuff left to help the Hackers go out in a Blaise of glory.

Captain John Dulong's huge scouting budget paid off in spades, as rookie Steve Schumph put on a fantastic show, while another league newbie, Shawn Currie, lost his goal scoring virginity with the help of Price. Judging by the scorecard at the end of the first period, one couldn't be blamed for thinking the only players on the floor were Price and Currie, who teamed up for almost all of the goals scored.

Former Lite Sabres captain Richard MacMillan lost no time in proving that he could Hack with the best of them, netting two goals and an assist in his Hacker debut, matching the output of entire previous seasons! Despite this standout performance, rumours are that captain Dulong is ordering MacMillan to spend extra time on dry-land training, as the lazy summer days appear to have softened the stalwart defenseman.

Despite being hounded by amateur referee Chris McMaster every time his stick came an inch off the floor, Hacker sniper Mike Sasco was a potent force. After the game, Chill "gaol" tender Mike Griffiths might have felt like he was in prison, reportedly heard mumbling "...just couldn't move..."

Anyone who doubted that the Hackers would be one of the top teams in the newly expanded league now has no choice but to acknowledge that once again, everyone else may be playing for second…

- RM


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