MacMillan Steps Down; McMaster Steps Up - 9/15/2000 12:39:55 PM

Citing an increased demand on his time from extra-curricular activities, Richard MacMillan has stepped down as captain of the Lite-Sabres. MacMillan was at the helm of the Lite-Sabres through the highs and lows of the team.

"Our greatest accomplishment," began MacMillan, "that would have to be making it to the finals in our first two years in the league". The Lite-Sabres, with MacMillan in goal, were the only team to defeat the LAN Hackers in those first two years.

"Finishing dead last in the 2000A regular season would have to be my lowest moment as a Lite-Sabre". Others were argue that his post-loss fits of rage, in which he would destroy anything in his path, would be his dimmest highlight. But this writer is not going to risk aggravating the "Mount St. Helen's of the FHL" by suggesting that.

MacMillan will now have more time to devote to the Investment Club, the Communications Committee, the Social Committee, working on his stand-up routines for quarterly meetings, golfing with his boss and most importantly, pursuing his one true love: Visual Basic for Applications.

Taking over the reigns from MacMillan will be Lite-Sabre veteran Chris McMaster. McMaster says he will relish the added responsibility. "I feel like I'm finally ready to step up. Rich has taught me a lot over the how to whine, how to cheat, and how to maniuplate the commissioner."


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