The Phony Ceremony - 4/24/2000 5:25:27 PM

When long-time Sunnydale Slayer Mike MacDonald received the news at the beginning of the season that he had been traded to the Keane Fire, it was needless to say a shock. But his disappointment turned quickly to pride when he heard from various people that the Slayers were planning to honour his dedication by retiring his jersey when the Slayers faced the Fire for the first time in the season.

Although never hearing official word from the Slayers management, the rumours were so prevalent that most took them as the truth. MacDonald was so confident in fact, that he brought his entire family to last Thursday's Fire-Slayers match-up to witness the historic ceremony.

But it was a cruel hoax on the grizzled veteran MacDonald. There was no red carpet. No standing "O". No raising of the jersey to the rafters. Instead, there was a teary-eyed MacDonald family, disheartened and embarrassed.

How could this have happened you ask? Many are pointing fingers at Slayers captain Paul Chui. Chui, one of the savviest players in the league, may have started the rumour himself - and then intentionally not denying it. Why would he do this? To get the Fire off their game plan. Unfortunately for the Slayers, the plan backfired - MacDonald put forth a yeoman's effort and led the Fire to victory over the Slayers in a classic tale of good versus evil.


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