The Sasco Fiasco - 4/24/2000 1:15:45 PM

When the rosters were announced for the 2000A season, many people marveled at how LAN Hackers captain John Dulong managed to pluck star forwards Mike and Rob Sasco off the Keane Fire squad. With those two brothers aboard, league prognosticators were picking the Hackers to three-peat with ease. However, halfway though the season, the Hackers have missed 5-Sasco games due to various reasons.

Rob, now working for a major tobacco company, has reportedly become addicted to his work - literally. The smoky innards of the Phillip Morris complex in Virginia have proven to be far too appealing for Rob. Rob is working day and night, weekends and weekdays, in an effort to get his second and third-hand fix of tobacco. With the once-unproductive Rob working more than ever, he's had little time to even think about floor hockey. Team doctors are concerned that even if Rob was able to break his filthy habit, his lungs would be too damaged to endure the rigors of the AdcFhl.

Brother Mike on the other hand has found a different passion that has kept him out of the floor hockey gym: bodybuilding. With beach-season rapidly approaching, Mike has decided it's time to bulk up. And after playing in the first game of the season, Mike realized that all of the running in hockey was only causing him to lose weight, and thusly counter-productive. But there may be hope for the Hackers yet. Frequenters of Gold's Gym are saying that Mike is having trouble getting enough strong people to spot his massive lifts, sending Mike into bouts of what some are describing as "Roid Rage". Hackers teammates are hoping that this discouragement might push Mike out of the bodybuilding game, and back into the AdcFhl.


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