Pant-astic! - 4/12/2000 4:49:48 PM

When most players debut in the AdcFhl, the last thing on their minds is style. Not so with Lite-Sabres' rookie forward Richard Pickering. The highly-touted Pickering opened the season in fine fashion - and he had four points.

Sporting a pair of black jeans too risqué for most, Pickering scored two goals and a potential modeling contract with Yves St. Laurent. Lite-Sabres veteran forward and league fashion plate Peter Rinco refused to comment on the matter after the game. Those familiar with Rinco's haughty haute-couture attitude were not surprised. Fellow Sabre and Rinco-confidant Rob McNeil had this to say after we agreed not to publish his name: "Pete's never been the same since he got back from Milan. He brought back that snobbish European attitude with him."


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