Musical Goalies? - 3/28/2000 5:56:44 PM

It appears that for the third straight season, the Lite-Sabres will have a new number one goalie. The only question that remains is, who?

Last year's rookie sensation and Lite-Sabres' number one goalie, Ryan MacDonald, has decided to take the season off. Few other experienced goalies remain around the league.

Right now, the number one contender for the position is veteran Lite-Sabre defenseman Chris McMaster, who has played five periods of pre-season hockey between the pipes. McMaster looked sharp in his debut, but was somewhat lacklustre in his second start. McMaster aggravated a pinched nerve in his back during the warmup of the second game which caused him to miss the latest pre-season affair.

It is this injury which is causing team captain Richard MacMillan to explore other options in nets. The least appealing option to MacMillan would see him returning to the goalie position -- a position which he held for the 1999A season.

Rumours are swirling that MacMillan is courting ex-Sabre defenseman Peter Anderson to strap on the pads this year. During Anderson's one year with the Lite-Sabres on defense, he managed to block just as many shots as the Lite-Sabres' goalies, making him an ideal candidate for the position.


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