Sabres Rattled in Final, Again - 12/8/1999 5:29:46 PM

Once again, the Lite-Sabres have lost to the LAN Hackers in the league's championship game. Although this year's score was a respectable 8-5, the Sabres were still understandably disappointed by the outcome.

"To come this far, and to be this's heartbreaking", whimpered league goal scoring champion Steve Chaisson before erupting into tears.

The game had a more personal meaning for Sabres captain Richard MacMillan. "I promised I'd win this game for my wife. Honey, if you're listening I'm sorry I lost...I'm so sorry...please don't hurt me ..."

Forward Peter Rinco led a Sabres with 4 goals yet he made a costly mistake when he forgot to wear his lucky blue shirt. "I wanted to prove that I could be a winner without the shirt", sobbed Rinco after the game.

Well Peter, in the eyes of the staff at the AdcFhl Website, all Lite-Sabre players are winners this season. Except for you Peter. You should have worn the lucky shirt, you loser.


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