Ashes to Ashes... - 12/8/1999 5:14:12 PM

It was a year of ups and downs for the Keane Fire. Unfortunately it ended on a down note last Thursday night when they were beaten by the Sunnydale Slayers, 13-11, for third place overall. The game saw Mike Montgomery start as the fourth Fire goalie of the year. Montgomery was solid in his debut, particularly in the third period when the Slayers were pressing. But he was outdone by Slayer goalie-extrordinaire Paul Chui, who finally recorded his first win of the year.

Fire first-string goalie and captain Michael Griffiths has some roster questions to resolve after a second-straight last place finish. Are Stephen Barriault's excessive goal celebrations a distraction to his teammates? To promote team unity, should the whole team wear team headbands, a la Barrie Harvey? Should a Sasco be traded to halt the brothers' constant in-fighting? Should high-fives be banned to keep the team focused?

Perhaps this off-season will hold the answers to some of these very important questions.


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