Final-ly! - 11/29/1999 12:55:02 PM

The Lite-Sabres have guaranteed themselves at least second place in the league for the second straight year with last Thursday's semi-final victory over the Keane Fire. And in the final, the Sabres will once again face the defending champions, the LAN Hackers.

The Hackers, over the last two seasons, have compiled an astounding 13-1 record. Their only defeat came from the hands of the Lite-Sabres last season. This season, the two teams have faced off twice -- with the Hackers winning by two and one goals respectively.

So which Sabres have had the most success this year against the Hackers? Forward Peter Rinco has led all scorers with 5 goals and 1 assist in the two contests. Richard MacMillan and Kenzie Royal both amassed 5 points in the two games.

What will the Sabres have to do differently to capture the championship this year? Sabre forward John Gaudet knows, but he's not telling. "Our gameplan is top secret! We were keeping the gameplan file on the office LAN, but then we realized who we were playing -- the LAN Hackers."

League insiders initially suggested that the gameplan may be in the one place where no sane person would ever want to look -- Rinco's gym bag. Hackers captain John Dulong tried to assemble a SWAT team to recover the gameplan from the smelly sack, but no team members would volunteer.

The Lite-Sabres play the LAN Hackers for the AdcFhl Championship Thursday night at 9pm.


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