Slayers Slain - 4/5/1999 12:00:00 AM

While the Slayers season ended with a playoff loss to the Lite-Sabres on Thursday night, it appears that they are a team on the rise who will play the Keane Fire in Thursday's consolation game. Keane Fire forward Steve Barriault was very impressed by what he saw from the Slayers. "The fans of the Sunnydale Slayers can be real proud of their hockey club," Barriault said. " They are a very tough team to play against and it looks like they are headed in the right direction for next season."

Although the Slayers lost 10-8 to the Sabres they proved that their physical and tenacious defense coupled with an opportunistic offence and awesome goaltending from Paul Chui gave the Sabres offence problems. Lite-Sabres forward Peter Rinco who was exhausted from the physical beating he took had this to say, "Its tough to get going offensively with the type of physical game they play and when you do get the rare chance on offence their goaltender comes up with a big save!" The Slayer offence much maligned all season for the lack of production began to see the light at the end of the tunnel as they pounded Sabre goaltender Richard MacMillan with 8 goals on 35 shots. According to stellar Slayer forward Tim Farrell "Just when we thought the game was out of reach we would fight our way back and keep it close," Farrell said." "The boys came to play tonight, unfortunately we fell short in the end."

Scott Wilson said that there were some things the team needed work on. "This off season we need to work on getting stronger and faster in our offensive game and we need to improve forward Mike Macdonald's controversial but highly entertaining goal celebration dance. We have to work on this if we are to be successful," Wilson said. With more production on offence next season, opponents must beware as the Sunnydale Slayers are lurking in the shadows and ready to pounce and claim their next victim in their quest for the league championship.


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