No Butts About It, Sabres Will Finish Second - 11/9/1999 4:53:12 PM

The Lite-Sabres will finish the regular season in second place after last week's tough 10-9 loss to the first place LAN Hackers. The Sabres' final game will be against the last place Sunnydale Slayers on the 18th. GM Richard MacMillan has decided to rest rookie goalie Ryan MacDonald in favour of himself for this meaningless game.

MacMillan was at the center of attention during the third period of last Thursday's game against the Hackers. Not one minute after scoring his first goal of the season (and celebrating accordingly), MacMillan scored his second goal...on his own net. A Hackers forward managed to bank the ball into the net off of MacMillan's best side - his backside.


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