Roster Woes Cloud Sunnydale - 11/1/1999 6:05:10 PM

The 0-3-1 Slayers have had a rough start to the 1999B season. This may be attributed, in part, to some unfortunate personnel problems.

Third all-time ADCFHL scorer Tim Farrell, missed the first game of the year against the Hackers after competing in all Slayers games last season. Slayers all-time number two scorer Mark MacIsaac had his string of eight consecutive regular season appearances broken when he failed to show for the Slayers game against the Lite-Sabres.

The most curious absentee for the Slayers this year is ex-Hacker Don Abbott. Abbott has missed two games this year...both against the LAN Hackers. Rumours have begun to circulate within the league that Abbott knows that Hackers goaltender has offered a substantial amount of money to the first Hacker who "chops him down at the knees". Other league gossip suggests that Dulong has paid off Abbott directly to feign injuries whenever the Hackers and the Slayers face-off.

Whatever the scenario, one thing is for certain. Sunnydale needs to get all of its Slayers in fighting shape before they have a chance at the title.


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