Price-Busters - 10/15/1999 3:21:34 PM

Despite a one goal lead going into the final period, the Lite-Sabres were unable to defeat the surging Lan Hackers Thursday in a match that many have called "the finest hockey ever played". The 10-8 victory secures the top spot for the Hackers, while the Lite-Sabres will have to be content with their perennial runner-up status.

The most notable stat of the game was the complete absence of John Price from the scoresheet. Price, last year's scoring champion averaging over seven points per game, was robbed routinely by Lite-Sabres rookie standout goaltender Ryan MacDonald and concluded the game with no points.

The trend of strong goal tending continued, with both netminders posting save percentages over 80%. In the ADC FHL of yesteryear, such a statistic would have taken first place honours, but the bar has been raised to an even higher standard this year.

When asked about his team's defeat, Sabres GM Richard MacMillan's only response was to mumble something about "that prima donna Chaisson". He may have been referring to the rumours that Chaisson missed the Hackers game after slamming his hand in his car door while attending the Saturn owners annual LoveFest in Boise, Idaho. Doctors are urging Chaisson to take his time returning to action and others are even suggesting retirement.

Nevertheless, the game was the first of what should be a very interesting series of games between these two mighty giants of floor hockey, and this reporter certainly looks forward to seeing how they play out.


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