Back From the Dead - 10/6/1999 10:07:31 PM

Many people would be satisfied with the season that the Sunnydale Slayers had last year. Not GM Paul Chui.

This season, the league's premier backstop has taken measures to ensure his team is competing for the title at the end of the season.

Step one - re-sign goal scorers: Chui resigned leading scorers Tim Farrell and Mark MacIsaac.

Step two - re-sign grit: Chui also found room for Mike MacDonald and Tony Scallon, the epitome of grit.

Step three - acquire winners: Chui's stole ex-Hackers Don Abbott and Tim Sawlor away from John Dulong during the entry draft.

Step four - blend in rookies: League rookies George Publicover and Jason Royal are going to be expected to fit in well with Chui's philosophy of balance.


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