Griffiths sidelined with Flu - Barriault prepares - 10/6/1999 2:59:58 PM

Shortly after the Keane Fire discovered that they would have all of last season's team returning, they were hit with the news that they may have to start the season without their starting goaltender.

Doctors for Mike Griffiths, the league leader in minutes played, announced today that Griffiths was stricken with a serious case of the flu and could possibly miss the opening game of the season. Griffiths, who played every pre-season game, felt he was in the best shape of his career in preparation for the upcoming season. "For the good of the team, I could have to sit this one out.", he remarked. The Fire have a team with a deep roster of potential back-ups including Barry Harvey, Chris Bleichert and Mike Montgomery, but Thursday's duties will fall to their #2 goaltender, Stephen Barriault. Barriault has previous experience as a backup for the Fire and is looking forward to the playing time.

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