Roster Rumours - 9/17/1999 12:55:07 PM

The 1999B season is almost ready to begin, and although the Lite-Sabres team for the year has yet to be finalized, here are some rumours surrounding members from 1999A's squad.

Defensemen Peter Anderson and Chris McMaster have started skating with the Keane Flyers to get into shape for the upcoming season. Eyewitnesses say that Anderson has been focusing primarily on his "dip-see-doodles".

Fellow defenseman Alex Angelopolous is rumoured to have been offered a contract in the Greek Premier league. Insiders hint that he may be leaning towards returning to the ADCFHL.

Forward Bill Hanley has signed with a New Brunswick league team and is unlikely to return.

Goaltender Richard MacMillan and forwards Peter Rinco and Rob MacNeil are currently being wooed by the Keane-Detroit Red Wings. Rinco is reportedly close to making the cut but MacMillan and MacNeil may be back in camp with the Lite-Sabres within the next two weeks.

Forward Kenzie Royal has already begun his vigorous training schedule after turning down a low-paying contract to return to Cape Breton.

The Lite-Sabres season could begin as soon as October 7th.


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