A Bunch Of Old Men - 11/21/2012 3:59:10 PM

So if anyone of you had been at the draft, you would have been surprised to hear jeff "My Arms Are Some Big" Shute calling out his picks. If you had your eyes closed, you might even have thought you were in line to apply for your CPP!
The average age of the Titans is about 43. this would make them the oldest team in the history of the league. Some of these guys used to walk that famous route to school through the wind, snow up hill with no shoes and nothing but a pack of SHMOKES to keep them warm! The funny thing is, they be gellin' like a team. 
With names like Shanti " My names so cool I don't need a nickname" Dogra, Keith "The Pain" Bain, Kevin "I'm Bad" Haddad, Doug "the Pug" Forrest, Jake "The Snake" Haddad, Marty "The Party" Kane, Dave "The Brave" Martell, Jeff "My Arms Are Some Big" Shute and Ian "I can't think of anything that would even fit right as a nickname" Folkins, these guys are set to make a movie alongside Stallone and all those other old guys. they may not be the fastest, they may not be the thinnest, heck they may not even be the most skilled...but they are sitting atop the league and it's going to be inetersting to see how these old guys make out come play off time. A grueling 10 game schedule can catch up on an old guy and before you know it...BANG, there goes a back or a knee or a hip or some dentures or who nows what!
Anyhow, I'm grasping at straws now so I better stop. 
Hurrah for old guys! 


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