Chris of mystery - 11/14/2012 4:30:19 AM

So I'm sure you have woken up from a deep sleep with the thought going through your mind "Who is this Chris MacKinnon guy anyway?" Ok, maybe not, but if you are a goalie in the HFHL you do. Ok, well maybe not but you're meesing my story up here, just go with it!
Chris, Or "Big C" as he is known in other leagues ( but we call him lucky siv here) came into the league a few season ago. He quickly made his mark as one of the top goalies in the league. Just ask him. He makes diving displays of athleticism that are way over rated and if he played his position properly he wouldn't have to do that but that's another story altogether.
Ok, for real, we are pretty blessed to have him in the league. He has made everyone step up their game and gives any team he plays on a chance to win. He is cool as a cucumber and never says a harsh word...out loud. He makes people smile and heck, he has the nicest pads in the league. Too bad they are in those girly Montreal canadian colors. Anyhow, now you can go back to sleep knowing just that much more about (Big booming voice) Chris "The Lucky Siv" MacKinnon!

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