Kevin "Stinky" Shute...a man for all seasons - 9/13/2012 7:16:31 PM

So this week we want to just add a few thoughts about the above mentioned. Kevin is the brother of Jeff "My Arms Are Some Big" Shute. He comes from a hockey family...well ok, he comes from someplace, although we aren't sure where.

His signature move is getting up off the couch. He has worn the same pants since he was 3, at least while he plays sports. he smokes 3 paks of smokes a day and frequents many drive throughs. He turned down a spread op in GQ magazine stating that he has certain standards that he will not compromise on. He is a great guys on and off the court and is getting set to start his own line of clothing called  "Kevy's Casual Wear". It is modeled after his long time threads, which he aptly named "Mr Stinky Pants"

Kevin can be found reffing and playing in our wonderful league and apparently has just taken on a position on the executive of the esteemed Ball Star League. Congrats Kevin!


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