The Long and short of it - 10/22/2006 9:24:19 PM

ADC Lynx (2-2-1 30GF 28GA)

Anybody know if Amy Scott's Irish? Anyone? Two seasons ago Amy was a member of the Sunnydale Slayers. They won the cup. Last season Amy was a member of the Keane Fire. They won the cup. See a pattern? Depending on the Lynx's second half, we may well see the first one player dynasty in league history.

The Lynx are essentially the same team they were last year, with two exceptions. Jason Royal has left for the Hackers and this year's supporting cast actually shows up for games. As for Royal's replacement, can you really fault team captain Richard Wanamaker for picking up the highest scorer ever amongst active players? Okay, Kevin Haddad isn't exactly known for playing the hard-nosed two way style the Lynx tend to favor, but you have to give the man credit for picking it up as fast as he has.

The Lynx don't have superstars. They haven't in a fair while. Here's what they do have:

1) Martin Kane. Best goalie in the league, hands down. Let us all pray the Slayers don't get a hold of him.

2) Tim Long and Dale Wright. When these guys run the point on the powerplay, not even a brick wall could stop their point shots. Goalies usually just duck and cover. Much safer.

3) Tony Warnell and Andrew Little. Illusionist Criss Angel couldn't escape some of the situations Tony's stickhandled out of, and the last time Andrew Little went end to end, I'm pretty sure he was fast enough to take flight.

Despite stumbling out of the gate to start the season, the Lynx have climbed back into a respectable position to end the first half. A strong second half will put them right back near the top of the pile, and if they can play their style of game for a full 45 minutes, they *will* get there. No team in the ADCFHL has a bigger heart than the Lynx as was shown on opening night. Okay the team lost, but you have to take it as a positive that you clawed your way up from being down 6-0 after 2 periods of play even if you did eventually lose 6-5.

They don't play a pretty game, but if the Lynx can keep their foot on the gas for a full game, they're almost unstoppable.

Interesting Stat: The Lynx are 0-2 when defenceman Mike Montgomery is held off the scoresheet. When he *does* register at least a point, they're 2-0-1.


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