Can't Tighe this team down - 10/22/2006 9:24:17 PM

Keane Chill (2-2-1 44GF 34GA)

Right now if I'm Hackers management, I'm kicking myself for not hiring Peter Rankin. The man knows how to draft a team with no defence at all. This season, Rankin's Chill have adopted a very simple formula. Hand forwards Jeff Shute, Tony Joyce and Chad Randell the ball. Between the three of them and forward Donnie Bailey (when he actually plays) does this team really even need a defence?

Last season goalie Mike Griffiths must've been convinced he was actually back with the Keane Fire while tending goal for the Hackers. He bolted rather quickly at season's end and has rewarded his team with a respectable 6.25 GAA and .868 save percentage.

If Donnie Bailey plays more than two second half games, the Chill will go very far. If he doesn't, this team could still go far but will need the rest of the players to step up. Well, all but Robert Tighe who's already the least noticed top ten scorer in the league.


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