After the snow has settled- week 2 recap - Feb 07, 2024

Well hey there neighbours and friends and anyone else who might be reading.
My name is Billy Concarney and I’m the local HFHL reporter extraordinaire, here to tell you a bit about what went this past Monday night at the Fish Bowl.
Well after some delays and heavy snow, we finally got to play our second game of the season.
So let’s take a Quick Look at the recaps…

Slayers vs Sabres

These two teams look pretty even on paper. But then so does everyone before you start the game and keep stats. 
The first period saw things going back and forth and when the period was over, the Slayers had a 3-2 lead. But the big story from the first was the play of Keven Kennedy. He was lights out! Keven faced 31 shots in the first and only gave up 3 goals. That was simply amazing…like me.
The second saw things open up a bit more and Rylan Smith made his return this season adding 2 goals in the period. The Slayers grabbed four goals while the Sabres tried to keep pace with three of their own. The Slayers held a 7-5 lead after two.
The third saw the teams trade goals twice and so when it was all said and done, the Slayers kept that two goal lead and won by a score of 9-7.
Notables were Rylan Smith with a hat trick, Brett Dempsey and Aiden Walsh had 2 and so did Eric Gale. Keven Kennedy faced a whopping 60 shots in this one.
We asked Matt Strum about the game and here is what he had to say “like, where the hell was our captain? I’m kind of upset about him not being here, I had to shovel…so did everyone else, I don’t know. It’s really really hard to stay confident when you get abandoned like that. I’ll be talking to my agent this week so yea”

Hackers vs Chill

Well…yea, these two teams look pretty even on paper….
The first saw both teams score a couple as both goalies were being kind of stingy. 2-2 after one.
The second saw the Chill pick it up some and they we’re rewarded with three unanswered goals. So it was 5-2 after two.
The third saw the Chill continue to add to their totals with two more before the Hackers answered back with a final tally.
This one ended in a 7-3 win for the Chill, who are now 2-0 to start the season.
Notably, Joe Murphy had 2 goals and 3 helpers while Jordan Castilloux had a goal and two assists in the win.
We caught up with Bob Strum after the game to get his thoughts…”. Yea I was kind of gently encouraging my team there in the third. They missed a bunch of mark ups. I even tried to trip Jordan with my head to get us going, but yea…I’m going to be talking to my agent this week I think”

Lynx vs Fire

Well…this was a very defensive affair to say the least. The only empty spot on the score sheet was the place where you mark the penalties!
Yikes…to be a goalie in this one!
The Lynx started the scoring but then Tyler Arsenault, fresh out of his two week stint at ball hockey school, scored not 1, not 2 but 3 goals in a row. And they weren’t even flukey ones. Like actual real shots that beat the goalie. No seriously…it really happened. When the period was over, the Fire had a 6-4 lead.
The second period was a reactively quiet compared to what was coming…the Fire grabbed 4 more and yup, Tyler added another one. The Lynx managed to get one past Keven Kennedy who was filling in for Jason Boudreau who couldn’t make it because it was windy out. 10-5 after two.
The third, well…it was a score keepers nightmare. Goal after goal. A total of 13 to be exact. Unfortunately for the Lynx, 7 were for the Fire. Which meant that they lost by a score of 17-11. 
Notables in this one were…Tyler Arsenault with 6 goals. Jeff Withers with 4 goals and 2 assists. And Aaron Brown who grabbed 5 Goals and 2 helpers and as a result, Aaron will get a $20 Timmy’s card for being this weeks player of the week.
And Off in the distance, could be heard a chant…coming from the depths of despair…We want Marty, we want Marty…ok, that’s not true, it was one guy…and he just said, ok, he didn’t say anything. I just made that up…BUT…could we see the return of Marty “the party” Kane for ONE…MORE…GAME…here in the HFHL?
Things that make you go hmmmm….

Well, that’s all I got for this week. This is Billy Concarney saying so long, be strong and stay safe out there people!


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