Welcome to the 2024 Season A - Jan 10, 2024

Well hey there ladies and gents, boys and girls and whoever else might be checking in on things!
My name is Billy Concarney and I am the guy who brings you all the news and blues here at the HFHL website.
The league held its draft with a load of brand new captains this past Monday. It all went smooth and after the dust settled everyone felt they had a good team.
You can check out the teams in the …you guessed it…team section! 
If you haven’t been contacted by your captain yet, it’s coming.

Just a couple of things going forward for this season…please remember that PRCC is a family oriented facility. As such your conduct inside the walls and outside the building matter. We are guests and we don’t want the actions or words of a few to disrupt the fun for us all. So please keep this in mind.

We will start our regular season this week and your captains will tell you what colour shirt to where. We prefer to have black shirts and white shirts, not  grey and red. So if you don’t have yourself a black and white T, Wallymart has a bunch.
Please go to our rules section to check out our expectations. We do have a few that are not your average bear…so try and become familiar.
The last thing for now is let’s remember that we are a whiffle Ball league. Ain’t no one going to get called up to any other league or make one ounce of money from playing this game in this league. We want everyone to be safe and have fun. So we aren’t about winning at any cost. Keep your testosterone in check and let’s have some fun.

Glad to have you all aboard! Have a great season and see you all Monday night!

This is Billy Concarney saying remember…if you don’t have anything good to say…that’s on you!
Be well folks


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