Return To Play Update - Sep 19, 2020

Good day everyone. I hope you have all been able to stay safe with everything that has happened over the last 6 months or so.
Not sure how many of you will see this or are keeping track, but just wanted to give you an update as to where things are and a possible return to play.
Last week we sent an email update to give everyone a heads up as to what things looked like at the PRCC as well as at the leagues level. At that time our hands were tied by several ropes, one being Province, one being PRCC and the other being unknowns such as insurance requirements and what not.
Yesterday, September 18th, the Province removed the rope that kept leagues shutdown. They are allowing participation in league play to start again and although I am not 100% of what that might be, I am sure that there are restrictions.
I immediately reached out to the PRCC, who had sent the info to me at the same time, which means we are both aware of the changes and are looking at this all again.
I have also sent a request to the insurance broker to find out what the provider will require from us to renew our insurance for future play. I have also told the PRCC that I am willing to sit with them to discuss what we would need to do as a group to get back into the facility to play. I am waiting fir replies on both of these things.

In the coming days we will be sending out a survey and I trust that we can count on your reply to help us decide which direction we go and when.  This is a very fluid situation that changes daily and so we will react accordingly. I am hoping that the entire process does not become so cumbersome that it makes it prohibitive to get back at it sooner than later. Our goal is to try and get going again if we can do so in a safe manner for all. We may require help along the way in specific manners, but will definitely require everyone to be on the same page regarding following the guidelines that could be put in place for return. 
Thanks for your patience. I am hoping to have answers needed in the next week or two to try and formulate next steps. 
Stay tuned for updates and keep an eye on your email.
In the meantime, stay safe and be well folks!

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