Week 7 Story is Developing - Mar 03, 2020

Stay tuned....
Are you done waiting?
Well, here is a story for you. 
Once upon a time, in a land called Prospect, there were 6 factions. One was a ferocious animal called a 
Lynx. It had big teeth and a stubby little tail. It made lots of noise but when it came to ending a battle, it kept fizzing out. Well, this week that Lynx took on Fire. This was another faction who thought they were hotter than they really were. 
When the two squared off, the Lynx dosed the Fire and beat them 8-6. The moral of this story is, the lynx need to dump their fat old goalie. He was a no show and everyone was happy AND they won.

Our next story is about a band of merry men who call themselves the Slayers. Sounds kind of intimidating. But they had to square off against the Sabres, who were led by the fearless Kyle The Bradbury of Sackville, ok well I don’t know where he was from. Well, the Sabres should change their names to The Mice, because these guys just squeaked out a win by edging, get it swords...edging..the Slayers with a 3-2 victory

Last story of the week. The Mighty Hackers, the choppers of wood and such, would face the Chill, and that name in stills fear in like absolutely no one...
The Chill faught  valiantly and try as they might, the Hackers just kept chopping away and dominated the third round of this fight. As a result they were rewarded for their tenacity by taking a 6-4 win home to the village.

So this weeks Hero of the Relm is Craig Burgoyne. Not that it means anything but you know.
Tim’s cards all around. If you haven’t received your card for earning player of the week...well don’t feel bad, neither has anyone else...but they are coming!

Truth is, I haven’t a clue other than scores what went down, but sometimes it’s better to just make stuff up cuz you guys are just way to boring!!!

This is Billy Concarney saying so long and be well peeps!


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